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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the most frequently asked questions about how membership of the club works. If after reading this section you still have some doubt, do not hesitate to Contact Us.



A stopover is normally a public house carpark where, with permission from the Landlord/Landlady you can park overnight in a similar way to the motorway service station or supermarket carpark. They are normally used as overnight layover locations allowing you to break-up your journey, saving you from having to drive for excessive periods to get to your final destination.


A campsite is a registered site, licenced for long periods of camping and allows activities such as the erection of an awning, use of BBQs, playing of ball games etc.

It pays to check first

We highly recommend that you contact the Landlord/Landlady before your arrival. Some locations may be very popular and others may have limited space so it pays to check first - remember to tell them that you are a Motorhome Stopover member.

No catch, but...

While it is perfectly acceptable to stay for free the Landlord/Landlady would really like you to come in and have a few drinks and maybe a meal, you've got to eay anyway right. How much you spend is up to you really, a couple of glasses of coke or maybe a full roast dinner with a few ales.
It's really up to you how much you spend - remember, you're not having to pay site fees so you can splash out a bit and still make a saving.

It all depends

Some sites may only be able to offer you a place to park and little else, but most will have other facilities such as waste water disposal, outside taps and Wifi.
You can check the available facilities on the website after logging in or by using our mobile apps (available for Android and iOS devices) and of course you can confirm this when you contact the location.


As for electricity, where it can be provided, some locations do ask for a small donation for this service. Be sure to ask when you contact them about your stay.

Member Recommendation

Many of our locations have been recommended by our members after speaking to the Landlord/Landlady about the benefits. They submit their details via our Contact Page and after a short verification process the location is added for other members to access.


Many locations have been directly added by the Landlord/Landlady who have heard about the site by word of mouth or a web search. While the site will soon allow location 'owners' to submit and manage their details this can currently be done via the Contact Page.

It's best to check first

All of our locations list the maximum length of vehicle they can accomodate and by using the website you can quickly filter out those which cannot (this filter feature is coming to the mobile apps soon - but you can still view the maximum length for a location in it's details).
We advise that you contact the Landlord/Landlady first to confirm that your vehicle will fit - even if the location details say that it will, they may be full up or may have advice on how to approach the carpark for an easier entry.

Drop us a line

While we can't answer every question here you can always send us your question via our Contact Page and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Drop us a line

If you have a question which is not answered then please feel free to drop us a line via our Contact Page

We will endevour to respond to you as soon as we can.