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The ONLINE membership is £15.00 Per Anum, once you have joined you will have access to the members forum, you can download your membership badge and the up to date PDF file of all the stopovers which you can save to your desktop or print out, you can print as much or as little of the information you need as there are over 200 pages. All this information is in the members login box for easy access.
Members can download a PDF file of the stopovers to your desktop which works like an electronic book so you don't have to be online to view the stopovers.
The POSTAL membership has been suspended due to rising costs of printing and another rise in postal costs. We feel that this price increase is unacceptable and not fair to pass on to our members. Printing Costs alone have risen by 40%. Sorry for this inconvenience...
Joining is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Fill in the members application form.
Select the membership type you want to use.
Click button for your payment method.

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If you are a landlord and would like to register your place as a stopover then things couldn’t be any easier!

Simply fill out a form and submit it to us...
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