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Frequently Asked Questions
Why do we have to be members?
Landlords insist that there are records of members should the need arise.
Can I have a bbq on site?
No, this is a stopover site and not a camping site.
What is the difference between a camp site and a stopover?
A stopover is a car park like the service area on the motorway or ASDA car park, a camp site is a site that is licensed for long periods of camping and allows activities such as bbq’s and awnings.
Why cant I put up my awning?
The pub car park is for patrons only and space is restricted.
Will there be any more sites put on the data base?
Yes, ongoing research will continue
Do sites have electricity?
Some sites do but it is expected that a member gives the landlord a donation of about £2.50 for the use of.
Can I stay for extra nights?
Only with the landlords permission, they might charge a car park fee of £5.00 per night.
Can I just turn up on site and stay?
It is better if you ring first to avoid disappointment.
Are the sites selected?
All sites are selected from the huge list of pubs, we are looking for good area and safe parking along with good food and ale.
Can I nominate a pub?
Yes, all members can nominate a site. We will then check the site for suitability.
Can members take an active part in the club?
Yes we need members to moderate the forums. Any help would be appreciated.
Can I sell items on the web site?
Yes, we have the facility to market the sale of your motorhome should you be in the market.
Can the sites take American RV’s?
Yes, all sites have a maximum vehicle length on their stat page so you can see about access etc. if it states 35ft it can accommodate 35ft to 40feet. My vehicle is 22ft, can I only stay in a site that says 15ft? Not all sites are down listed, if it says 15ft it can accommodate from 15ft to 20ft.
Can I arrange a rally on one of the sites?
No. Four vans max on sites.
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