Motorhome Stop Over
What's it all about?
At the moment we have over 500 stopovers where you can stay overnight and, there are no site fee’s.
No camping Fee’s mean you are saving anything from £10 per night up to £40+ per night. The catch is that we want you to come in and buy something. What you buy is up to you, it could be as little as a glass of coke! This means that you decide how much you spend on your overnight stay. Don’t forget that you are saving £15 to £40+ a night camping fees.

Our stopovers allow Patrons to stay for extra
nights for free. The stopovers are continuously changing and we are recruiting at all times, indeed many members manage to enrol stopovers themselves. One night’s stay could pay for your annual subscription.
Where electric is available a donation, £2.50 per night would help. The primary thing to remember is that these stopovers are NOT CAMPSITES they are stopovers. Most of these sites are located in the tourist areas and countryside.

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If you are a landlord and would like to register your place as a stopover then things couldn’t be any easier!

Simply fill out a form and submit it to us...
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